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upcoming hiatus + new year's resolution

I will not be blogging much, if at all, for the rest of the year. So here's what's up, reading-wise.


Continuing my journey through Elizabeth Bear's backlist, I just finished her excellent debut, Hammered. I'll review the trilogy it begins as a whole when I've read the other two books.


As far as current reading goes, I'm not really reading Bitterblue at the moment, and am finding Hild a slow read, but fully intend to finish it this year. Frederica should be finished fairly soon, and then I think I'm taking a break from Heyer- there's a point where they blur together and can't be enjoyed as much as they deserve.


Unread but next on the deck are Scardown (the sequel to Hammered), Fitzroy Maclean's Eastern Approaches, Julius Fucik's Report from the Gallows (I had a lot of trouble getting ahold of the less common, uncensored edition of this, as well as avoiding giving money to the publishers, whose politics I don't share, but have finally managed to order a secondhand copy with the assistance of a relative in the UK), and Ippolito Nievo's Confessions of an Italian/The Castle of Fratta (which may end up being read next year, but which I am looking forward to a great deal/flipping through in my spare time).


My big New Year's resolution is to read War and Peace. Being a Russian major, I probably should have done this already, and I generally like big thick novels (Les Miserables, The Brothers Karamazov, and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix are all favorites), and I've seen two movies of it and skipped around a lot in the book (Andrei's parts are interesting), but somehow I never could just sit down and read it straight through.


So come the New Year, I will be blogging my way through War and Peace. Watch this space.